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Mediterretina 2015 meeting Venice - Cortina Vitreo SKI
Mediterretina 2015

Dear colleague and friend,

We know of your interest and experience in vitreoretinal surgery and therefore are pleased to announce the 8th MediteRRettina Club which will be held during the first weekend of March 2015 at the Hotel Miramonti Majestic Five Stars Miramonti Majestic in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy, in the heart of Dolomiti mountains during the peak season.
The meeting will start on Wednesday, 4th March, and will end on Sunday, 8th March, 2015.

MediteRRetina Club is organizing this meeting by invitation to prominent retina colleagues that have been actively involved in current treatments and are willing to share their experience in a friendly loose and "Unconventional Way (W…EYE)". Younger colleagues interested in the vitreoretinal field are welcome too.
The Club is intended specifically to the colleagues of the three continents on the Mediterranean Sea (MediteRRetina Club), but all friends and colleagues from elsewhere abroad are welcome too.

The scientific sessions will be planned in the afternoon in an informal atmosphere, whilst the morning the time will be dedicated to skiing and the life on the snow in general.
If you are a ski fan, you will have a great opportunity to combine skiing with scientific moments (VITREO…SKI).
If you don’t ski, you could either take some ski lessons or go for a pleaseant walk in the middle of an incomparable landscape, (see the site: www.cortina.dolomiti.com)

Scientific Program:
The scientific program will be prepared on a selection of participant’s presentations so you are invited to propose your preferred topics to the Scientific Secretariat following the Instructions for Authors.

The Scientific Program will deal with all the various topics of the vitreoretinal field, with a very practical philosophy and will be prepared. Each presentation and /or video will be prepared according to few simple rules based on:

1 - My way (W…EYE): Tricks and Pearls
2 - Treating complications and learning
from our own mistakes
3 - News and controversies
4 - From medical retina to the surgery: when, where... and why?

Note that for organisational purposes and for the philosophy of the small group, the club will be limited to the first 80 enrolled. Therefore, please be sure to register as soon as possible because of the peak season.

All preliminary information about Upcoming Meeting available at
Click Here To go  Mediterretina Website

For more information and reservations contact us at:
Organizing Administrative Office:
Events & Communication
Tel. +39 071 79.30.220 - Fax +39
E-mail: cesare-forlini-md@events-communication.com
Scientific Secretariat:
E-mail: forlinic@forlinic.it

With kind regards,

Cesare Forlini MD,
Athanasios Nikolakopoulos MD
Khaled El-Rakhawy MD

(Optional choice for who arrives in Venice 4th of March )
We suggest you Venice Airport because it is the closest airport to Cortina D’Ampezzo): In order to favor the aggregation of the group, especially for those who will arrive by airplane, the day of Wednesday, 4th March 2015, will be dedicated to Venice where we will have a dinner all together (all details will be available on the program). On the following day, Thursday, 5th March, around 9.30 am, a bus service will carry all of us to Cortina in order to arrive around 12.00 pm, have a lunch together, and be ready to start the Scientific Sessions at 3.00 pm.

For the people who will reach Cortina by themselves, the meeting point will be at the Hotel Miramonti Majestic of Cortina D’Ampezzo on Thursday, 5th March, around 12.30 pm

Mediterretina 2015
Mediterretina 2015
Mediterretina 2015


Abstracts must be prepared according to few simple rules based on:

1 - My way (W…EYE): Tricks and Pearls
2 - Treating complications and learning from our mistakes
3 - News and controversies
4 - Medical Retina:
    Indications to the surgery “When, Where… and Why?

All abstracts must be in English and follow the structured format below
(MAX 50 rows):
SETTING: Name, Surname, Institution, Email, Phone, Fax)

Abstract submission must be made by 05 February, 2015.

Each author may submit a maximum of 5 abstracts.
Please be sure to send them in order of your own preference.
We will choose only the abstracts suitable for the Scientific Program.

For information, contact Scientific Secretariat:
E-mail: forlinic@forlinic.it


Deadline: 05th February, 2015 - Use the ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM to send your ABSTRACT. CLICK HERE


Video Competition.:
- A team of experts will judge the entries for and prizes will be awarded
to the top three videos.

-Videos on any aspect of vitreoretinal surgery will be considered.
-The total duration of the Video must not exceed 8 MINUTES.
-The Video must include a Narration (music alone with subtitles will be accepted too).
-The Title and Narration of the video must be in English.
-The following formats for video will be accepted:
  .MOV .MP4 .AVI . MPG
- A maximum of 2 videos files can be uploaded in order to be considered by a team of experts.

Chooose the video file from your computer and use the Submit Button.
Click to go to the upload video form.

For information, contact Scientific Secretariat:
E-mail: forlinic@forlinic.it



Deadline: 05th februrary, 2015. Please use the ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM to send your VIDEO. Click here

Mediterretina 2015

Mediterretina Club Meeting

The idea of the Mediterretina Club has arisen from the observation that three Continents look out onto the Mediterranean Sea, each with their own specific history, training background and philosophy.
Hence the the idea of a "direct” discussion among these different peoples who from one standpoint are distant from each other but who, at the same time, are extraordinary aimed at enhancing “differences” so as to enrich the philosophy, the strategies and the possible ways to reach the goals of high quality, in full respect for history, tradition and resources, but with an eye to the future.

The term “My W..eye” derives precisely from this sharing made of so many facets, where the individuals standard can become enriched with individual details from which each country can work out the best possibile way for it to move in the direction of excellence (My W..eye) compliance wit its laws and resources.

Cesare Forlini, MD

Mediterretina Fun Club
Too many meetings, too little fun in places out of season, with hundreds of participants who are always too tired at the end of the day to meet each other. The thousands of years of exchange of our cultures in the Mediterranean areas make us feel friends as soon as we get together. The idea is of a Mediterretina Club for special friends with the same special interest in developing ideas and strategies “our way”. This meeting is therefore dedicated first to friendship and fun - this year the peak of the skiing season and then to having a fruitful scientific exchange and free discussion on hot topics.
Athanasios Nikolakopoulos, MD

Due to the increasing number of retina specialists, retinal meetings are getting bigger and bigger.  Whereas the majority of these big meetings are very important and useful, small meetings have their own special attractions too. The Mediter Retina Club meetings are especially meant to be small gatherings; never more than 100 participants in any meeting. This is to maintain a club atmosphere and the friendly spirit.  In Mediter Retina Club small meetings, there is no compromise on the scientific content. On the contrary, it is often observed that the small number of excellent participants and experts encourages informal discussions, which are usually of very practical significance, often not less useful than formal presentations. If not already so, anyone who participates in these meetings will become a friend of everybody else, by the end of the meeting.
Khaled El-Rakhawy, MD

Mediterretina Club Winter Meeting (Vitreosky)

After our first meeting during the Conference of the Ophthalmological Society of Northern Greece held in June 2004, it is now Italy’s turn to act as host and a mountain location has been chosen. It may appear unusual, but this is was the wish expressed by many friends of the Mediterranean who for once have decided to move away from a seaside resort and experience the mountains and the snow. The place chosen is Cortina d’Ampezzo. This is a well known resort for its many amenities: besides the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, there are innumerable cableways that take you up to the mountain tops where everybody can get together in any of the many chalets located where the mountain peaks meet the sky. The town offers opportunities for strolling around and for shopping in an atmosphere that is evocative and unique.

Social Programme: Apart from the scientific program, the social program will offer several opportunities for leisure activities, sports and entertainment, in a setting that is truly conductive to socializing, without jackets and ties.
The Scientific Programme will cover the entire field of vitro-retinal surgery as well as its “surroundings”: the crystalline lens and cataracts, including “Pole to Pole” surgery from the anterior to the posterior segment. The focus will be on “What’s new” in the filed and on “Controversial Issues”, with room for discussion in a friendly atmosphere that encourages the sharing of views in an exciting and constructive atmosphere, which is at times impossible in more “official” settings.

Let’s share our W..eye pearls and tricks
Cesare Forlini MD
Athanasios Nikolakopoulos MD
Khaled El-Rakhawy MD

We have chosen Cortina not only because it offers beautiful landscapes, but also because visitors have the possibility of strolling the amazing mountain trails.
If you are interested in skiing but would love to experience the beautiful setting, Cortina offers great alternatives, the chalets and the beautiful and cozy mountains huts, are the typical spots where you can fin shelter, taste typical dishes and get a tan at the same time while waiting for the rest of the skiing group to have launch together.

A private bus will be organized for the entire group to reach a different mountain every day so you don’t need to take your car!